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Who Are We?

​​​​​​DebateHELP is dedicated to supporting debaters & helping them to reach their personal goals, regardless of their personal background, political/ideological viewpoints, income level, geographical location, or previous level of competitive success.

We are committed to providing top-notch, open-access debate resources to everybody, which is why all of our materials are available on voluntary-donation basis.

We strive to ensure everything we put out meets the high standards of our "Four F's" Philosophy: Free, Functional, Fair-minded, & Fun.

We are not interested in persuading debaters to adopt any opinion, viewpoint, or position, and work hard to provide the best possible version of both sides of every issue we cover. We're not trying to win any arguments-- we just want you to win yours!

DebateHELP is funded entirely by the goodwill of its supporters through grants, donations, & ongoing pledged support. We do not accept money from any group whose aim is to advance any particular political, ideological, or commercial agenda, and we never will.

We welcome content contributions of any kind from anyone interested in getting involved. All it takes is dropping us a line-- we guarantee we can find a spot for your unique talents.

Overall, we do this work for the simple reason that we love debate, we think it brings out the best in people, and we want to bring it to anyone & everyone interested in becoming a part of the global debate community!  

Staff Bios

DebateHELP's Founder & Executive Director is Rachel Stevens, a debate coach & educator with over a decade of experience, who has worked with students of a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience. 

Rachel began debating in the 8th grade, and competed throughout high school, earning a Nebraska State title and 2 State Finals appearances in policy debate, as well as qualifying to NSDA (then NFL) Nationals twice. She received a college debate scholarship and studied political science at the University of Nebraska (Lincoln), where she reached the elim rounds of the national championship tournament in multiple debate events. 

As a coach, her students have won State championships, qualified to the ToC, reached the Top 10 at NSDA Nationals, and received numerous college debate scholarships.

Before launching DebateHELP, Rachel spent her last several years running the website Debate Central and working as Director of Youth Programs at the National Center for Policy Analysis.​​

Executive Director-

Rachel A. Stevens

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