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You know what they say: "nothing is free." 

Putting together the files & resources for this site takes time-- a lot of it. Every hour we spend cutting cards, answering your questions, writing guides, critiquing debaters' cases, etc. is an hour we're not spending doing something earning a salary at a separate job. 

In fact, is a (more than) full-time job!

Providing you with resources is something we enjoy doing, and we don't believe in limiting access to only debaters who can afford to pay for them directly. But, ultimately, we still have to find a way to make enough money to eat, to pay rent, to pay for the hosting that keeps this website up & running, to travel to tournaments, etc.

Without your support, that wouldn't be possible. We'd have to charge for access to our resources, or stop providing them altogether. 

So, if you think DebateHELP is a worthwhile effort, please toss in whatever you can afford. We couldn't keep doing this without you!

We're working on that! 

DebateHELP is a brand new effort, launched in Fall 2016. We're working on registering to become an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which will enable you to deduct contributions to us from your taxes. But the process is lengthy, and we aren't quite there yet.

However, we still need your support to help fund the steps involved in the registration process, as well as our time & labor providing plenty of files and other debate resources in the meantime.

We appreciate your patience with us as we become fully established!

"Why Should I Donate?"

You can help keep DebateHELP up & running in a couple of ways...

When you see a Case or File you like, click the "Buy Now" button to Name Your Own Price-- just pass along whatever you can afford, based on how helpful you find the file!

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Through DebateHELP's Patreon page, you can become a "Patron" and make a recurring monthly donation of any amount you want. You can cancel any time you want. Plus, we'll occasionally give our Patrons special bonuses like stickers, t-shirts, bonus content, and more!

"How Can I Contribute?"

DebateHELP is dedicated to making high-quality debate resources available to everyone, no matter what they can afford!

Everything we do is available to you at whatever price you can afford. We never want cost to prevent any debater from accessing the materials he/she/they need to pursue their passion for debate!

But, because creating our resources is a (more than) full-time job, we need your support to ensure we can keep putting in the hours necessary to bring you top-notch debate work.

We hope you'll consider helping us out with a recurring contributionand/or a voluntary one-time donation for the resources you find useful.