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An elections politics disad for the 2016 China CX topic. 

The argument is Trump Bad, with a robust Rust Belt/Electoral College internal link story. Strong links to economic engagement/trade affs, as well as general China/foreign policy/nationalism options, and links for some specific aff cases. Impacts include nuclear war, US leadership, climate/warming, free trade, global economy, Asia prolif, US-China war, US-Russia war, NATO collapse, human rights, some Middle East stuff, and more. 

File comes with a complete, ready-to-run 1NC Shell, plus extensions & answers to common aff responses. 

125+ cards of Aff responses are also included.

(Last updated 11/3/16)

These backfiles are no longer being updated and may be outdated, but you're still welcome to download them, if you'd like!

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